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Play, work and connect

Parsec is an efficient gaming utility with a handy screen-sharing service. It permits you to play your favorite local co-op multiplayer games along with your friends across the nation and world. Its focus is mainly providing a lag-free virtual game experience but, other than that, its remote desktop access capability will help you with almost any of your work productivity. Moreover, it gives you a chance to reconnect and rekindle your relationship with your long-distance friends by doing fun activities together virtually. This program can be availed in the market free-of-charge.

Setting up Parsec on Windows

Parsec is fully supported by Windows 7 version or later. It is possible to run this with hardware-accelerated decoding—lowers latency and improves quality more—but, you must confirm first that your computer supports it. If not, you can still do it as long as you can assure that your CPU at least supports OpenGL 2 or greater or uses the DirectX renderer. When installing this program, you must accept the Windows Firewall exception request. If in case that the installation doesn’t successfully deliver, it's most probably because your antivirus blocks the installation.

You have to also make sure that you already created a Parsec account to immediately connect to the gaming PC that your friend has invited you to use via link-sharing or a friend request. You can easily create one if you still don’t have. You can effortlessly manage your connection and other advanced settings in the settings tab of your Windows desktops. Keep in mind that all the settings are managed on the client-side.

Unlike in the Mac version of the app, you can host in the Windows version, and it can easily be enabled. Just go to the ‘Host’ section of your settings and select ‘Enabled’ to activate the program’s hosting feature. Take note also that along with macOS and Ubuntu, you can’t host on PCs that have Windows 7 version. Your system must run Windows 8.1 and above to start hosting.

More possibilities in Windows

Evidently, you can do so much more with the Windows version of Parsec, particularly if your computer system has higher specs that meet their standards. The most known feature that you can enjoy in this platform only and not on macOS and Ubuntu devices is its hosting function.


  • - Enable hosting feature
  • Handy tool for your work productivity
  • Do fun activities virtually with friends
  • Possible to with hardware-accelerated decoding


  • Not possible to host in Windows 7


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Parsec 5.0 for PC


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